Friday, 10 May 2013


 I have suffered with eczema and asthma all my life starting from when I was born, you may think that eczema is just a skin disease it's itchy and annoying..yes, but not only is it that, it is a gateway people see to pop in an insult just to make them feel better about themselves but what they don't think about is the effect it has on the sufferer. Being asked "why is your skin so red, it looks weird"is what make my self esteem crumble to a million pieces, since primary school I have been insecure of my skin and I would do anything to cover it up I would never wear short sleeved shirts (summer was not an exception) it would be long sleeved jumpers an jeans all year round and as for my face there was nothing I could do other than hear the insults and look strong until I got home where I would cry and feel the sting it brought to my face. This may sound like a 'sob-story' but it's not it's just what life has given me so make me strong in the future which it has. Asthma was never a big insecurity of mine seeing as you could hide it but it was hard to handle when you were so young. So I got through primary school however I moved at the age of 7 years old due to my teacher actually joining in with the bullies and their insults, thankfully she was fired. I then moved to an all girls school, prepared for a new start and a new me and that was great no one noticed my flaws but just my smile, until I met two girls who I became good friends with and little did I know it was all a fake in order to punch/hit/kick/slap me at lunch time at first I didn't know what to do. Do I tell my mum? Do I fight back? I decided to answer no to both these questions until I got punched so hard in the stomach I was in tears and this wasn't easy to hide from the teachers, I was glad I felt as if maybe my silence paid off. When the two girls were sorted out let's say. I decided to go in to my next year of school bruise-less and with a smile on my face this worked UNTIL(next post-'Pick up the pieces')...

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