Friday, 10 May 2013

Vent O'Clock

Hello, my name is Anoushka.
I have made this blog to VENT and hopefully allow some of you to be able to relate to things I have been through. I have been through a lot and i'm not gonna say I haven't and that I am past it because i'm not it's human nature, i'm not gonna pretend.
Anyway that'll be later but for now i'm gonna bore or entertain you(whatever way you wanna look at it)
  • I love to sing it has always been a passion of mine and recently songwriting has become another strategy of 'venting'
  • If you don't know what venting means it means basically to let it all out without holding back, I use that word a lot.
  • I am a massive fan of. Gossip Girl (as you may have seen by my blog title 'A by A' a mock of Serena's blog "S by S'. I am also a fan of Vampire Diaries, True Blood, FUNNILY NOT TWILIGHT.
  • I love John Hughes films (old movies)
  • I love yoga, meditation and that spiritual stuff.
  • Music is a necessity it's my equivalent to oxygen.
  • I love acting (Blake Lively is my queen).
  • I am doing my GCSE's.
  • I am happy :) 
What would make me even happier was if you looked/followed my blog.

that is me btw

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