Thursday, 16 May 2013


"Music fills the stillness"
You may get to a point in life where you feel like jazzing up your music taste and this stuff may not be your kind of stuff but it's mine and I believe I have a very eclectic taste in music meaning I have a wide variety of taste.
 Right now i'm listening to Birdy, she has a beautiful talent and she has a unique voice with a soothing tone to it, this album is an album that you would be play on Christmas Eve while snuggled around the fireplace with a cup of tea and watching the snow. It's a beautiful album.
Another I would recommend is Amy Winehouse-Frank. This album is filled with talent of the one and only Amy she was a beautiful singer that continues to inspire me everyday, she went through a lot through her lifetime and when she passed she passed with a tortured soul and through her voice you can hear this the pain, love loss, and addictions along with her talented handwritten words.
Frank+Lioness:Hidden Treasures
One of my favourite artists is Frank Ocean he has the most unique voice I have heard since Marvin Gaye (another legend) he has two albums my favourite is Channel Orange, channel orange won a Grammy this year, and it was well deserved his music is like no other he uses sounds as well as instruments you will understand this when you listen to him. He is superb although takes a coupl'a listens to see this.
Frank's Album

Miguel is a similar artist but also different he has a gorgeous smooth voice and his album Kaleidoscope Dream is a great album with many fantastic catchy tracks. If you like Marvin Gaye you will most likely love Miguel they have similar voices although, I think Marvin Gaye is the King of motown so yeah.

The xx are a great unique band they create soothing melodies. There music is hard to describe but i would recommend their album: XX

If you wanna explore music, go to a store in Brick Lane called Rough Trade it is amazing and you meet people who like the same stuff as you. Brick Lane is a great place.
If you aren't  a trekker I would advise you strongly to get a soundcloud account it is a phenomenal site. - my profile, check it out!

If you want more music advice feel free to comment and ask i'll be happy to chat!

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